About the Author

Hi! My name is Beri and I’m an Illustration student from Germany. Next to my Uni and freelance work, I draw my webcomic “Wanderlicht” in my spare time. 

This is my passion project that I started in order to teach myself sequential storytelling. I have plans to turn this comic into a graphic novel one day. However, its online version will always be free to read here or on Tapas.

I hope you enjoy your stay here!

Character Profiles

Pan Hain

Age: 21
Pronouns: he/him or they/them
Home: Briga (Village), Abona Valley (Region), Litana (Land)
Likes: hearty meals, being amongst people, music and dance
Dislikes: confined spaces, pressure, stillness

Krah (Blackbird)

Age: 11
Pronouns: he/him
Home: Briga, Abona Valley
Likes: sleep, sunflower seeds and scritches
Dislikes: cats, small children

Donn Dagowiro

Age: 20
Pronouns: he/him
Home: Olca, Abona Valley
Likes: his horse Gwyn, mead tastings, foggy fields in the morning
Dislikes: crowds, dishonesty and disloyalty

Fiona (Fi) Hain

Age: 10, almost 11!
Pronouns: she/her
Home: Briga, Abona Valley
Likes: books, colourful things, accompanying her mum to work
Dislikes: being alone, having to wear her brother’s torn old clothes

Hestia Hain (Chief of Briga)

Age: 46
Pronouns: she/her
Home: Briga, Abona Valley
Likes: diplomacy, cooking, gardening
Dislikes: tumult, rudeness


Arthur Hain