“Hollow” Graphic Novel Announcement

Hi everyone and happy holidays!! I’m still on winter break, “Wanderlicht” updates will resume in March as planned, if everything goes right. I’m making good progress on the script, almost done polishing all of Chapter 1 (aka Book 1). But I wanted to tell you about something different today:

Next to “Wanderlicht” I have been working on an original graphic novel for Boom! Studios this year, written by Shannon Watters (co-author of “Lumberjanes”) and Branden Boyer-White, coloured by https://twitter.com/katkomix and drawn by yours truly.

The book is called “Hollow” and was just announced a few weeks ago! It is a modern, queer and goofy interpretation of the famous Sleepy Hollow Legend. Here’s the press statement:

HOLLOW Announcement

The team and I have been pouring our hearts into this project and I think it’s turning out great so far. I really hope you’ll consider giving it a read when it comes out in September!

Amazing cover art by https://twitter.com/naomifranq

Have a good time and a great start into the New Year!

Lots of Love,