Page 55

Hi everyone!! We’re finally back with a new page. As I mentioned on my IG and Tapas already, I needed to take a break bc without a buffer, trying to keep up with a webcomic schedule is incredibly draining. So in order to avoid burnout, I put Wanderlicht on pause in order to gain back a buffer which luckily worked out great! Now the buffer is full and I’m recharged and motivated to keep going. Thanks so much for your patience and for sticking around! That means a lot <3

In other news: Wanderlicht has a twitter account now! I linked it in the menu at the top of the website. If you want to stay updated on new pages and other comic-related news, you can follow this account. Other than that I’m always announcing new pages via the stories on IG.

Hope you’re all well and enjoying this weeks page 🙂