Page 78

Aaand that’s the last page of Book 1 of Wanderlicht! Honestly, I don’t think it has sunken in yet that it’s done. I said it before but I never thought I’d get so far. And the best thing is that I’m still so, so hyped to continue! I’m already writing on Book 2, but before that, here’s a little outlook for the next steps:

First I’ll go over the pages to fix the grammar, partially colours and maybe clean up some panels. I’ll update the pages here but there won’t be any big changes, I don’t think.

Then I’ll start work on a mini comic that’ll be exclusive to the physical copy of Wanderlicht! I’ll post more about it here once I’m further into it. Maybe also some merch? Let me know what you’d like!

And lastly, I’ll get the printing sorted out and a shop set up so I can actually sell physical, real, 3D copies of my webcomic. How exciting is that!!

Anyway, enough for now. Hope you enjoy these last calm moments before the adventure starts! Thanks so much for reading 💗